About Us


AC&E Rentals Inc. was established in 1967 in Okemos, MI by Charles and Edna Withrow.  In 1989 AC&E Rentals was acquired by David Henderson who was the owner/operator of Helping Hand Rental and Storage (est. 1985) in Grand Ledge, MI.  After the acquisition, Henderson phased out the Helping Hand Rentals name and operated both locations under the AC&E Rentals Inc.   Mr. Henderson retired and sold the business to his son, Ryan Henderson, in 2004.



Currently, AC&E Rentals continues to actively expand it's rental service to homeowners and the professional contractors. From 2010-2020 their rental fleet expanded by over 5x, with an equally ambitious goal for 2021-2030. Renting to homeowners, as well as small to mid-size contractors has always been our business model and our niche.  The rental industry has changed significantly in the last 25 years, but we embrace the change, look forward to providing a much needed service in a community that we love.