Tree and Shrub Grapple attachment for Mini Skid Steer Rental

Per day $66.00
Per week $198.00
Per month $462.00
Minimum Rental Duration: 4 hours



 Mini Skidsteer loader, tree and shrub grapple attachment 

The Bradco Mini Skid Steer Tree and Shrub Grapple is designed to easily remove small trees, shrubs and ornamentals. These projects can be done without the use of shovels, axes, chains or even stump grinders.  A favorite for homeowners and landscape professionals.  Replaces the work of several people.  Eliminates having to use ropes, straps and chains to put out pesky shrubs, bushes and other overgrown landscaping that's ready for an update.  Don't waste anymore time, rent this and get the job done quick and easy without having to screw around with trying it "some other way".


  • Hydraulic power replaces the need to manually dig out, chop and grind.
  • The entire stump, tap and secondary root system is removed in a single step; no extra digging is required.
  • Grasp and move vegetation for cleanup and collection.
  • Constructed of 1/2 inch AR400 and AR235 high-strength steel for maximum durability and reliability.
  • Save time and labor while increasing productivity.