7 inch Wood Chipper Rental

Per hour $30.00
Per day $180.00
Minimum Rental Duration: 2 hours


7" wood chipper rental.  This diesel powered wood chipper unit will make quick work of most residential and small commercial jobs .  It chips fast and efficiently with easy to understand operating controls.  One of our most popular rental units.  Rent it by the day or week.  Standard 2" ball is required for hauling. The Lansing equipment rental experts, serving Mid-Michigan for 55 years. Reserve, rent and pay online or call today for more inquiries.

Using unique chip throwers and nonrestrictive transitions through the discharge chute creates the throwing velocity, while a 360° swivel discharge and a directional discharge flipper give you total control over the direction of chips.

Our Bandit 75XP 7 inch woodchipper rental unit, with a 12” x 7” opening is twice the size of most other chippers in the same class, enabling the chipper to process multiple pieces simultaneously, as well as forked limbs, without trimming. The large diameter feed wheel powered by a 25 cubic-inch displacement hydraulic motor folds limbs and branches into the chipper. Coupled with the powerful Kubota diesel engine, you’ll always have the power you need.

This rugged and compact hydraulic feed disc style 7 inch wood chipper is lightweight, durable and easily maneuverable and many cases used as the primary chipper for many tree and landscape contractors. Additionally it is desirable to homeowners as well. Easily converts 7” trees, brush, limbs and pruning’s into dimensional chips. Having a wide throat opening and powerful horizontal feed wheel helps to process stubborn branches and small trees without difficulty. The Bandit 75XP towable 7 inch wood chipper uses a chipping disc placed at a 90-degree angle to the in feed opening, making it much more effective at chipping small diameter brush and vine material than other chippers in this class and is also easy to get into tight spots and ways approximately 3,000 lb..


Length: 12’ 11″

Width: 5’ 7″

Height: 7’ 6″

Weight: 3,000 lbs.

Fuel Tank: 7 – 8 Gallons

Hydraulic Tank: 7 Gallons

Other Specifications:

Capacity: 7”

Throat Opening: 7” wide x 12” tall

Disc: 26” diameter x .75” thick

RPM: 1,950

Feed System: Pivoting

Feed Rate 80 ft/min

Adjustable Springs: (2) 17” Adjustable Springs

Displacement (CCD): 24.95

Hydraulic Motors: 1

Discharge: 360º Swivel, with adjustable deflector

Hitch: 2” Ball

Tongue Jack: 2,000 lb. tongue jack