Power Box Rake (Skid Steer Attachment) Rental

Minimum Rental Duration: 4 hours






















Power Box Rake (Skid Steer Attachment)

The Power Box Rake is a full size power box rake for skid steer. 72″ wide and has a hydraulic angle adjustment and






control box for wind rowing.  Ideal for  soil conditioning and seed bed preparation.  Popular with homeowners,  landscape, utility restoration and other construction industry professionals.The Power Box Rake Skid steer attachment is the perfect tool for prepping ground for planting grass seed.  The Power Box Rake, or Harley Rake, mounts to the front of a Skid steer steer and using the auxiliary hydraulic system to power the 6′ wide drum that pulverizes the soil beneath it. The spinning drum is manufactured with hundreds of  2″ carbide knobs that engage and work at breaking up and pulverizing the soil into a powdery base that’s ideal for planting grass. You can remove any unwanted debris ( rocks, sticks, trash) by angling the attachment and the windrow effect will contain all of the unwanted material that you can remove later.


6ft. wide

Windrow capability with control box