Root Rake Bucket Skid Steer Attachment Rental

Per day $154.00
Per week $462.00
Per month $1,155.00
Minimum Rental Duration: 4 hours


AC&E has a Root Rake Bucket Skid Steer Attachment that’s heavy duty and also has grapple thumbs. With it’s heavy duty reinforced forged steel tines, this attachment pulls tree roots up and out of the ground. Perfect for the final stages of lot clearing for excavating and/or landscaping contractors who need to eliminate all ground protrusions from impeding their work productively.

This workhorse Root Rake allows you to remove the toil and leave the soil at your job site with aggressive tine and grapple profiles that lock material in place and stabilize during transport.

We also have various other attachments for our full size and mini skid steers.