Wheeled Skidsteer Loader Rental

Per hour $50.00
Per day $295.00
Per week $875.00
Minimum Rental Duration: 4 hours

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 CAT 246D/246D3 Skid Steer Rental

General information and specifications 

Skidsteer Loader rental in Lansing, MI.  Rent a CAT series 246D3 and 246D3 series Skid loader.  All units are equipped with enclosed, climate-controlled cabs, that are sealed and pressurized, with hi-flow hydraulic system.   Our new Wheeled Skid Steer Loader provides a quiet comfortable operating environment with excellent visibility and rear-view camera. The high-back, heated, air-ride seat with adjustable seat mounted joystick controls makes the 246D series Skid Steer one of the top leaders in operator comfort.  This machine is fun to operate, very efficient, easy to transport and gets the job done on time and allows you to stay on schedule.  AC&E Equipment Rentals in Okemos and Grand Ledge, MI   Reserve, rent and pay online today or call us for further inquiries.  We are the Lansing Equipment Rental experts, serving Mid-Michigan for 55 years.  Need for traction?  Check out our Track Skid steer loader rental here  www.acerentalsinc.com/track-skidsteer-loader



Coupled with comfort, this workhorse also offers maximum performance and production capabilities obtained through the Electronic Torque Management system, two speed travel and an exclusive electronic hand/foot throttle with decal pedal capability. The electronically controlled 246D Cat engine provides high horsepower and torque as well as a high flow hydraulic system that is available for applications that demand maximum hydraulic tool attachment performance.

CAT 246D, Skid Steer Loader has versatility to boot for tackling any Job, big or small. Utilizing industry leading technology via the Cat intelligent leveling system which provides integration and features such as dual direction self-level; work tool return to dig and work tool position-er; The speed Sensitive Ride Control option improves operation on rough terrain, enabling better load retention. The broad range of performance makes the Cat 246D Skid Steer Loader one of the most versatile machines on any job site. Have a look at our Track Skid Steer Loader as well!


Additional Information



Wheelbase: 49.2 in

Height to Top of Cab: 83.1 in

Vehicle Width over Tires: 66.0 in

Ground Clearance: 8.9 in


Departure Angle: 26°

Maximum Dump Angle: 39°

Length without Bucket: 117.8 in

”          ” with Bucket on Ground: 146.0 in

Maximum Overall Height: 158.7 in

Bucket Pin Height at Maximum Lift: 124.2 in

”          ” Pin Height at Carry Position: 7.9 in

Maximum Overall Height: 158.7 in

Bucket Pin Height at Maximum Lift: 124.2 in

Reach at Maximum Lift and Dump: 23.6 in

Clearance at Maximum Lift and Dump: 97.1 in

Bumper Overhang behind Rear Axle: 42.6 in

Turn Radius from Center – Machine Rear:71.2 in

”      ” Radius from Center – Coupler: 55.2 in

Radius from Center – Bucket: 85.9 in

Maximum Reach with Arms Parallel to Ground: 54.6 in


Rack Back Angle at Maximum Height: 96°




Operating Weight: 7424.0 lb.


Operating Specifications


Rated Operating Capacity: 2150.0 lb.

Tipping Load: 4300.0 lb.

Breakout Force, Tilt Cylinder: 7355.0 lb.

Rated Operating Capacity with Optional Counterweight: 2400.0 lb


Power Train


Travel Speed (Forward or Reverse): One Speed 7.7 mph

Travel Speed (Forward or Reverse): Two Speed Option 11.0 mph


Air Conditioning System


Air Conditioning